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Understanding your fertility early can help you plan ahead. Risa Fertility and Wellness makes it easy by equipping you with the tools to understand and interpret your body.

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Hi, I’m Johnna.

Founder of Risa Fertility.

We teach women to get in touch with their bodies, Take Control of their Health & feel confident through fertility awareness.


 fertility expertise - without the clinic price.

We are focused on fertility and we go deep—incorporating the latest research into our program. A certified fertility awareness educator reviews your charts and if results look abnormal, they’ll recommend medical professionals to help you create a treatment plan.

the only birth control method that’s effective and free of side effects.

Stop worrying if you’re pregnant all the time. Avoid mood changes, weight gain, and irregular bleeding. We are focused on making sure every woman is completely satisfied with their method of birth control.

every question answered - no matter what.

Risa Fertility is more than an online program—we’re on call to get you the support you need to make decisions about reproductive health. Get questions answered 1:1 with a certified fertility awareness educator, and learn from other women in the community.


4 Steps to Understanding Your Body

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Read up on various ways to chart your menstrual cycle, as well as varying levels of detail that you can go into.


 What you get with Risa Fertility

A customized online fertility program with personalized charts. A place to connect. Support through 1:1 consultations and video recordings. Discussion guides to start a conversation with your doctor…these are the things you get from us.

We’re your team—and as we build a service for you, our friends, our sisters, and ourselves, we’re here to answer any questions you have, talk through anything that's on your mind, and get you the answers and support you need. We can't wait to meet you.


A much better way to plan

Why haven’t you heard about this method at your OBGYN’s office? Proactive fertility awareness education isn’t covered in the standard medical curriculum. There are organizations out there trying to change this – but education around fertility awareness is still an elective rather than a required course. And some doctors might not even know the difference between what’s normal and what’s not. (Trust us, we’ve heard stories of patients being prescribed antibiotics for what they thought were weird fluids down there. Even though those fluids are simply just the best way to know whether you’re fertile or not!) Risa Fertility is a natural and effective way to check in on your fertility and reproductive health.