I started Risa Fertility because I heard a lot of buzz about fertility—but I had no idea how it applied to me. As a woman who wasn’t yet ready for kids, was I supposed to know this stuff?

A planner by nature, I don’t like knowing what I don’t know. So I dug in.

I found that there is a way of checking in on where you stand by charting your menstrual cycle. But not everyone has heard about this method and they don’t trust that it can also be used to avoid pregnancy without suppressing fertility. In these modern times, we use information to get smart about everything in our lives—money, school, quality of sleep, daily steps. Why is there still an information gap around something as important as fertility?

So I created Risa Fertility. An easy way for every woman to get the info she needs about her body and make decisions about fertility.

There’s a ton you can do in regard to fertility these days—but I think that information is the best first step.


Founder, Risa Fertility