5 things women should stop thinking about sex

Sex. Just the mention of the word can bring up a lot of different feelings and reactions. It’s a topic that often mixes with an individual person’s beliefs and values. There are often a lot of expectations surrounding sex and sometimes a lot of feelings of shame. Sex is pretty important, yet, perhaps because of the tricky nature of the subject, it’s rarely talked about in meaningful ways.

Unfortunately, that means people search online and get their ideas about sex from not-so-trustworthy sources rather than close friends or family. And even some of the good sources can unintentionally perpetuate beliefs that they got from a bad source.

The last thing I want to do is cause even more shame and misleading expectations. However, after working through my own sexual baggage with a therapist and talking to a few close girlfriends about their own struggles, there are a few things I really wish women would stop thinking about sex.

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